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“Productivity is never an accident.
It is always the result of commitment to
excellence, intelligent planning and
focused effort.”
- Paul J. Meyer


At Initiative we believe that all marketing campaigns need to have a solid strategy as their core. Having a strategy in place enables us to gain a deep understanding of the opportunities available to your brand. This in turn assists us to development unique, differentiating footprints in the market for the brands that we work on.

We work closely with our clients to analyse the environments their brands play in, not only to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of the market factors and consumer needs, but more importantly to set objectives that help brands achieve long term growth. In today’s highly competitive environments, ensuring that our clients brands are strongly positioned to meet consumer needs in a differentiated way can only be achieved through sound strategic planning. As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding and the results speak for themselves! We invite you to ask our clients how their brands have benefited from Initiative’s strategic thinking.

"Initiative has outstanding strategic capability and an exceptional work ethic. During the time that we have worked with them they have added exceptional value to our brands in terms of strategy and direction, creative execution and growth."

Nativa Marketing Head